#Wedding Photographer

“The aesthetics of contemporary wedding photography”

For over two decades, the Sofiacome agency have come to define the aesthetics of contemporary wedding photography. Chosen by the press, the Sofiacome agency was the first company to offer photo and video coverage of a wedding with a focus on what happens “behind the scenes”. The dressing is a way to capture a moment of intimacy and to establish a relationship of complicity with the leading actors of this day. Lacing the corset, exchanging looks, throwing petals, the guests’ applause, the parade of hats, the games of the flower children… The photographer handles 2 cameras and adapts the framing and point of view of each picture to tell the story of the powerful moments of this unforgettable day. The photoshoot can last until the end of the cocktail or be extended until the first dance.

#one wedding, one sensitivity

#Wedding video film

Let’s capture the detail that no one sees

The wedding video film complements perfectly the photographs. Thank to the quality of the editing, it is a wonderful tool to recreate faithfully the atmosphere of the day and takes all the more value with time. It is essential for the ones who could not attend, and for the children to come.

#one wedding, one ambience

#Corporate photographer

Magnify the scale of the event

The Sofiacome Agency have demonstrated their talents in a wide variety of events, from award ceremonies to product launches, professional fairs to fashion shows. Our photographers can tackle extreme lighting conditions, when the job of a photographer leaves no room for improvisation. The quality of the images is a result of high-end digital equipment that gives the possibility to work with very high sensitivity, but also a proven experience and a great mobility during the photoshoot. Beyond the traditional photo coverage of an event, the agency also produces panoramic montages to magnify the scale of the event.

#one event, one experience

#Portrait photographer

Capturing a look, an emotion

Depending on the purpose of the images – annual report, group photo, etc. – our photographers can take portraits in our studio located in the 16th arrondissement in Paris or move the studio to the site of the event or the company. The photographer will assess the equipment that is needed for the photoshoot: heavy studio with Broncolor studio lights and a colored background or a studio fitted to the space and atmosphere of the event. This type of photoshoot can also become a part of the entertainment during the event – photo call, with accessories related to the theme of the event. The photos can be printed on-site during the event to give the guests the opportunity to leave with a souvenir.

#one portrait, one identity

#Child photographer

A story written over the years

With the help of an assistant, Sophie Anita captures the spontaneity of children’s expressions and the beauty of their movement: running on all fours, dancing on tiptoe, jumping, chasing soap bubbles… She particularly enjoys re-discovering the married couples she photographed with their young children. The studio is specifically arranged for them to play and feel comfortable. They love being photographed and enjoy coming back each year. The photoshoot can also take place outdoors in nature or in a more urban setting in Paris. A film can also be produced during this session at request.

#one game and memories

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